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HATS Interoperability event on NGN supported by ITU and APT

HATS Interoperability event on NGN supported by ITU and APT

Tuesday, Jun. 9, 2015

  HATS (*1) is pleased to inform you of the 4th HATS Interoperability event on NGN supported by ITU and APT. This event is held following HATS Interoperability Event on NGN supported by ITU-T(*2 ,*3) and last year’s 2nd APT/ITU Conformance and Interoperability event  (*4).  This event aims to assure the interoperability of the NGN equipment which complies with ITU-T Recommendations and TTC standards. This interoperability event will be organized by HATS and use the HATS test specifications which are developed based on the ITU-T Q.3900 Recommendation series. This event will be held under the sponsorship of TTC (*5) and CIAJ (*6).  

(1) Event Date

14-16 July 2015

(2) Venue

HATS Interoperability test will be held in CIAJ, Tokyo, Japan.

Communication and Information Network Association of Japan (CIAJ)
Address: 3rd Fl., JEI Hamamatsucho Bldg., 2-2-12 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0013, Japan
URL: http://www.ciaj.or.jp/en/

It is also possible to participate by remote connection using Internet VPN.

(3) Participation

To Participate HATS Interoperability test, please fill the attached Registration form and submit by e-mail.
HATS Non-Members are required to pay Participation Fee.

(4) Participation of HATS Non-Members:

Non-Members of HATS can attend this event by paying a Participation Fee of JP 50000yen per company.

(5) Outline of testing

1) Test condition: End-to-End Multimedia service interoperability testing based on ITU-T Q.3402 NGN-UNI
2) Category of testing: VoIP, Video Phone, Video Conference, HDTV Conference
3) Terminals: SIP terminal (See Figure1)
4) Test scenarios: Basic call connection of Audio/Visual communications based on ITU-T Q.3948/Q.3949.
5) Event Schedule:   14-16 July 2015
6) Preparation Schedule:
Close of registration   Fri 19 June
Cross check of parameter sheets and confirmation of test sequence   Mon 22 June -
7) Test configuration
8) Remote Testing: See Figure1 Remote Terminal C

Figure 1 NGN Interoperability testing configuration

Click to enlarge
(6) Baseline standard
  1) Q.3402 as requirements to NGN UNI signalling profile
2) Q.3948 Annex C as requirements to NGN registration procedure
(7) Interoperability test suites
  1) Q.3948 as a service testing framework for VoIP at the UNI of NGN
2) Q.3949 as a service testing framework for Visual communications at the UNI of NGN
(8) Result output

Testing result of this Interoperability event is going to be introduced by HATS home page and  ASTAP workshop.

(*1) HATS Conference: Harmonization of Advanced Telecommunication Systems
(*2) Result of HATS Interoperability Event on NGN supported by ITU-T
(*3) Interoperability Event on NGN organized by HATS (Japan), supported by ITU
(*4) 2nd APT/ITU Conformance and Interoperability Event
 (*5) TTC The telecommunication technology committee
(*6) CIAJ Communications and Information network Association of Japan


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