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HATS Interoperability event on NGN supported by ITU and APT

Report of HATS Interoperability Workshop on NGN supported by ITU

  The HATS Conference (Harmonization of Advanced Telecommunication Systems) are pleased to inform you of the HATS Interoperability Workshop on NGN supported by ITU.
  HATS has been confirming the interoperability of advanced telecommunications equipment and ICT systems connecting to telecommunication networks, while near the quarter of a century. The first NGN terminals interoperability test was held in 11-12 July 2012.
  This Workshop’s theme was “Interoperability activity of HATS and ITU-T”. The latest trend and outcome about HATS and ITU-T Interoperability activity was introduced.


  • Date
    • 13 July 2012 / 14:00-17:00
  • Location
  • Sponsor
    • HATS Conference
  • Support
    • The Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC)
    • Communication and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ)
    • International Telecommunication Union (ITU)


HATS Promotion Committee Chair Mr. Yoshito Sakurai (Hitachi)
MIC Global ICT Strategy Bureau Ms. Michiko Fukahori
TTC General Chair Mr. Yoichi Maeda
CIAJ Executive Vice President Mr. Hiroaki Takeichi
ITU Director of TSB (Video Letter) Mr.Malcolm Johnson


  1. “Overview of NGN Interoperability Test 2012 in HATS” PDF
    Multimedia Communication TILC(*) VoIP system WG Leader
    TTC Interoperability Advisory Group Leader
    OKI Electric Industry  Mr. Yasubumi Chimura
  2. “ITU-T Conformity and Interoperability Portal Overview”PDF
    NEC Corporation.  Mr. Hajime Koto
  3. “SG11 supports HATS NGN interoperability event”PDF
    ITU-T SG11 Vice-Chairman
    NEC Europe  Mr. Kaoru KenYoshi
  4. “IPTV Interoperability Testing in ITU-T SG16”PDF
    ITU-T SG16 Chairman
    Mitsubishi Electric  Mr. Yushi Naito

(*)TILC : Test Implementation Liaison Committee


  HATS Steering Committee Chair  Mr. Kenji Koro (OKI)

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