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HATS Interoperability event on NGN supported by ITU and APT

Result of HATS Interoperability Event on NGN supported by ITU-T

  NGN interoperability event by HATS (Harmonization of Advanced Telecommunication Systems), supported by ITU-T, was held on 11-12th July, 2012 in Japan. Interoperability between each NGN end-terminal product was put into effect to promote new NGN for Asian operators.

  1. Category of equipment: VoIP, Video Conference, HDTV Conference, IP-FAX/Multi-Function Printer, and Data transfer services.
  2. Reference Point : UNI (UNI2 of NGN service by NTT)
  3. Reference Documents : Q.3900 series (Q.3900-Q.3906.1, Q.3931.1-Q.3931.4, Q.3945), Q.3948 (VoIP), Q.3949 (Video Conference) and HATS test scenarios.
  4. Test contents : End-to-End Multimedia service interoperability testing.
  5. Date : 11-13 July 2012
  6. Location : CIAJ (Tokyo, Japan)
    3rd Fl., JEI Hamamatsucho Bldg., 2-2-12 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013
    TEL: +81 3-5403-9354 FAX: +81 3-5403-9360
  7. NGN Test Environment
    For the NGN tests, multiple environments were prepared so that connection tests could be performed in different environments. Tests were conducted in the following two connection configurations:
    1. External interconnection tests between NGN terminals via a NGN test environment (reference point UNI2) [Terminal A --- Terminal B-2]
    2. Internal interconnection tests between NGN terminals via a HGW[Terminal A --- Terminal B-1]
    Company NGN Test Environment
    NTT NGN network simulator
    home gateway (HGW)、office gateway (OGW) (NTT East, NTT West)
    Neix NGN simulator

  8. Participants
    10 companies participated and tested with 12 models of equipment.
    Oki Electric Industry/Oki Access Technologies, Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Softfront, Toshiba TEC,NEC, NTT, Neix, Fuji Xerox, Brother Industries, Ricoh.

    The participation terminal category is as follows.
    1)VoIP terminal and Video phones and Video conference terminals
    Company Equipment Terminal type
    Neix Smart Gate Adapter HG VoIP
    Neix Hikari FLET's phone VP-3000 Video Phone / Video Conference
    Softfront LivyTalk
    NEC NC1000-MV
    Oki Electric Industry/
    Oki Access Technologies
    IP Video Phone (tentative name)

    2)IP-Fax/MFP (multifunctional printers)
    Company Equipment
    Ricoh imagio MP C4002
    Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-IV C2263
    Brother Industries MFC-8520DN

    3)Content Transfer terminals
    Company Equipment
    NTT Prototype software
    Toshiba TEC Prototype software
    Konica Minolta Business Technologies Prototype software
    Softfront SUPREE embedded ContentsTransfer

  9. Result
    IP phones, Content Transfer and IP-Fax have a 100% success rate for both internal and external connections.
    This high success rate is a result of feedback provided from last year's test results.
    Video phones achieved the following success rates:
    external connections 44%, internal connections 75%.
    The lower success rates of Video phones compared with other equipment was due to implementation differences between WiFi smart phones; between soft phones equipped with both SD and HD codecs; the methods used for video codec negotiation and video-to-audio fallback. The reasons for the low rates are still under study and will be reflected in future standards and test procedures.
    Company connection configurations Success rate
    IP Phone External interconnection 100%
    Internal interconnection 100%
    Video phones/Video conference External interconnection 44%
    Internal interconnection 75%
    Content Transfer External interconnection 100%
    Internal interconnection 100%
    IP-FAX External interconnection 100%
    Internal interconnection 100%
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