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CIAJ’s business activities are implemented by committees, forum working groups and secretariat staff as below.

Improving the Business Environment

Making policy proposals to the government which are backed up by CIAJ research and promoting the policies, once they are enacted.

Making industry views known on government policies
Many CIAJ members take part in Ministry/Agency Councils and Study Groups, providing opinions as experts in their respective fields. CIAJ is promoting the realization of numerous industry needs, including tax legislation and deregulation.
Promoting Self-Declaration of Conformity(SDoC) and Mutual Recognition Agreements(MRA)
MRA allow manufacturers at both the country of origin and destination to attain conformity confirmation of technical requirements of the counterpart country, while SDoC, enables manufacturers and importers of telecommunication equipment to confirm the products’ conformity to technical specifications themselves, submit the results to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and sell the products on the market.
Study of mobile device use
CIAJ has regularly conducted a study to understand what prompts mobile device  users to upgrade their devices and how they are using them. These findings are reflected in product development among member companies.

Creating Business Opportunities, Providing Timely Information

Conducting activities that contribute to CIAJ member businesses, including market research data and telecommunication carrier information, in addition to sponsoring exhibitions.

Pro-active discussions on realizing home network systems
As network appliances are connected to home networks, the role of home gateways, which connect the home system to external networks, will increase. CIAJ actively analyzes specific examples and focuses on such factors as prerequisite conditions for the creation of new markets.
Interoperability of ICT equipment
CIAJ is playing an important role in assuring interoperability of ICT equipment conforming to ITU-T or IETF standards through the Harmonization of Advanced Telecommunication Systems (HATS Conference).
Mid-Term Demand Forecast of Telecommunication Equipment
CIAJ compiles and provides vital information for determining business plans and conducts independent market research including the Mid-Term Demand Forecast of Telecommunication Equipment.
Trade show
Promoting global business and the applications of ICT in new areas. On-going activities include multi-dimensional support of IoT business initiatives and co-sponsoring the annual international exhibition, CEATEC.

Common Issues

CIAJ is acting as an industrial hub for such issues as energy conservation, environmental protection, inter-operability of ICT equipment and global standardization activities.

Securing accessibility of ICT equipment and services
CIAJ established the Info-communication Access Council in 1998, which created a guideline specifying factors to improve accessibility when planning, developing, and designing ICT equipment or service. CIAJ promotes such guidelines for assuring and improving accessibility.
Telecommunications Accessibility Guidelines for Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities (PDF:2MB)
Attachments of Telecommunications Accessibility Guidelines for Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities (PDF:285KB)
Recycling cellular phones and PHS terminals
In cooperation with the Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA), CIAJ is promoting the recycling of cellular phones and PHS terminals.
Easing the burden on the environment
CIAJ is working with 3 other associations in the electronics industry (JEITA, JEMA, JBMIA) to decrease the industry’s burden on the environment.
Effective Action on Global Warming Prevention (Our Initiatives for Creating a Low-Carbon Society)[PDF:1.35MB]
Promoting the safe use of lithium ion batteries (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)
CIAJ has created a system for ensuring the safety of high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and will work with government and relevant organizations to provide pertinent information to users.