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FY2018 – FY2023 Mid-Term Demand Forecast for Telecommunication Equipment (December, 2018)

CIAJ released its “Mid-Term Demand Forecast for Telecommunication Equipment,” covering FY2018 through FY2023.

From FY2019 onwards, the realization of Society 5.0, integrating new services and technologies such as IoT services, 5G smartphones, autonomous driving, robots and AI will bring about a more convenient and enriching lifestyle that encourages greater consumption and provides solutions to social issues, such as lower birthrate and shrinking labor force. Demand for telecom terminal devices and core network equipment that is part of society’s fundamental infrastructure is expected to gradually grow the domestic telecommunication market towards FY2023.

Study of Mobile Device Use (August, 2019)

CIAJ Releases Report on the Study of Mobile Device Use – Longer renewal cycles and a possible turning point for low-cost carriers Excitement over 5G potential–

  • The use of smartphone has spread to all age groups, including those in their 60’s. This has also translated into a slower growth rate as the market matures.
  • Intention to renew current device dropped by 25 points to approximately 41%. The renewal cycle was 4 months longer than last year’s figure, reaching almost 3 years.
  • The number of subscribers to low cost carriers, made up of “sub-brands (Y!Mobile, UQ mobile)” operated by the major carriers (MNOs) and MVNOs, indicated a decrease over the last fiscal year.
  • SNS has been embraced as a feature that is used frequently throughout peoples’ everyday lives. On the other hand, use of games and music features, and viewing videos has decreased.
  • Interest and awareness of 5G is over 70%, with 30% of respondents understanding what it is.
  • 5G services that respondents want to use: high-resolution images, high-speed downloads, AR, VR, autonomous driving, etc.

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