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FY2017 – FY2022 Mid-Term Demand Forecast for Telecommunication Equipment (December, 2017)

CIAJ released its “Mid-Term Demand Forecast for Telecommunication Equipment,” covering FY2017 through FY2022.

The telecommunication market witnessed longer replacement cycles of mobile phones, while rapid penetration of smartphones came with a spike in traffic, leading to increased investment in radio and wireline network equipment, but the investment cycle subsided in FY2016. However, the overall economic recovery from the latter half of FY2016 and the pursuing rise in demand is expected to result in positive growth for FY2017.

Study on Global Telecom Equipment Market Trends (April, 2017)

Study on Global Telecom Equipment Market Trends Released -Japanese brands increasingly active overseas-

CIAJ announces the release of “The Study on Global Telecommunications Equipment Trends.
This Study continues to look at global business activities by Japanese manufacturers to capture changes in production and shipment figures. It focuses on the four categories of mobile phones, digital transmission equipment, base stations for mobile networks and backhaul equipment to reveal their unique production and shipping landscape.

Study of Mobile Phone Use (July, 2017)

CIAJ Releases Report on the Study of Mobile Device Use – MVNO awareness spreads, leading to diversity of mobile market –

MVNO awareness and market penetration have grown over the past year, with the ratio of people who have actually used MVNOs increasing. According to a study of monthly payments, cheaper plans are gaining popularity among subscribers, which can be assumed to be a direct impact of MVNOs. “

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