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FY2018 – FY2023 Mid-Term Demand Forecast for Telecommunication Equipment (December, 2018)

CIAJ released its “Mid-Term Demand Forecast for Telecommunication Equipment,” covering FY2018 through FY2023.

From FY2019 onwards, the realization of Society 5.0, integrating new services and technologies such as IoT services, 5G smartphones, autonomous driving, robots and AI will bring about a more convenient and enriching lifestyle that encourages greater consumption and provides solutions to social issues, such as lower birthrate and shrinking labor force. Demand for telecom terminal devices and core network equipment that is part of society’s fundamental infrastructure is expected to gradually grow the domestic telecommunication market towards FY2023.

Study on Global Telecom Equipment Market Trends (March, 2018)

Study on Global Telecom Equipment Market Trends Released – Japanese Brands Targeting Promising Advanced (5G, IoT) Markets Overseas –

This Study continues to look at global business activities by Japanese manufacturers to capture changes in production and shipment figures. In the past, it has focused on the four categories of mobile phones, digital transmission equipment, base stations for mobile networks and backhaul equipment, but this year added routers and LAN equipment to capture the production and shipment landscape from a broader perspective.

Study of Mobile Device Use (August, 2018)

CIAJ Releases Report on the Study of Mobile Device Use – Smartphone users make up over 90% of all age groups & Robust growth among low cost carriers –

The ratio of people who use a smartphone as their main device grew overall over last year, but was especially pronounced among those in their 50’s and 60’s. This led to smartphone users making up over 90% in all age groups. Low cost carriers, which include MVNOs as well as “sub-brands” operated by the major carriers continue to increase subscribers, with customer satisfaction over the pricing and other aspects quite high.

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