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FY2021 – FY2026 Mid-Term Demand Forecast for Telecommunication Equipment (December, 2021)

CIAJ released its “Mid-Term Demand Forecast for Telecommunication Equipment,” covering FY2021 through FY2026.

Japan’s measures to curb the spread of the virus, such as widespread vaccinations, contributed to signs of resumption of economic activities in FY2021. In the telecommunication equipment market, risk factors, such as disruptions in the supply chain and shortages in semiconductors exist, but the rise in traffic from the promotion of digital transformation (DX) and installation of 5G base stations gains momentum, with the total demand for telecom equipment in FY2021 forecast at 3.432 trillion yen (+4.0% year-over-year growth).

Study of Mobile Device Use (December, 2020)

CIAJ Releases Report on the Study of Mobile Device Use – 5G service recognition high as smartphone penetration nears 100% –

The major topic for this year’s study is the launch of 5G services. Recognition of 5G is high at 85%, but only a little over 1% were taking advantage of the service as of early August when the study was conducted. Interest and expectations are high for 5G services, so a rise in uptake is projected.

The other topic this year is the transition to the “new normal society” resulting from COVID-19. This year’s study revealed that use of mobile devices to work from home (on-line meetings) and attend remote classes have increased and approximately half of those surveyed are using some form of mobile/on-line payment. The new normal society is expected to uncover and promote new uses of mobile devices.

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