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Announcing a New Name and Logo for Color Internet Facsimiles



The Image Data Communications & Facsimile Committee (Chairman: Takeshi Ukegawa) of the Communications and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ) announces a new name and logo for internet facsimiles. The Committee has worked with manufacturers to promote internet facsimiles, which provide simple and convenient communication features over not only telephone lines, but via the internet as well, drastically reducing communication costs.
With demand growing rapidly for transmission of color images, the Committee has compiled a new set of communication and interconnectivity guidelines for color internet facsimile equipment, and has determined a new name and logo for facsimiles complying with this guideline.

Features of color internet facsimiles are as follows:

  1. Can transmit/receive color documents in addition to black & white documents.
  2. Greatly reduced communication costs as a result of using internet connections.

1. Naming

“W-NET COLOR FAX” (read “double net color fax”)
“W-NET COLOR FAX Direct SMTP” (read “double net color fax direct SMTP”)

Note:Direct SMTP: direct communication format amongst internet facsimiles without going through mail servers.

Direct SMTP format has the following features:

  • Secure communications via intranet facsimile network (no need to leave firewall-protected environments)
  • Reliable real-time communications
  • Reduce communication costs using the internet
  • E-mail server set up not necessary, leading to lower initial costs

2. Logo

Direct SMTP

3. Features

Internet facsimiles refer to devices, services, and software which send and receive data over the internet or intranet, instead of using traditional telephone lines.

Since data transmission is done over the internet, communication costs can be greatly reduced, while also possibly reducing paper costs, since documents traditionally received via G3 facsimile can be transmitted directly to PCs.

Direct SMTP format allows direct transmission between internet facsimiles via enterprise intranets, without going through e-mail servers, thus preventing the facsimile information from being exposed outside the firewall-protected environment, and also reducing latency.

4. Participating Companies and Interoperability

As of May 2013, the following three companies had completed interoperability tests of W-NET COLOR FAX, confirming interoperability amongst the three brands. The three companies are expected to launch compliant products. The logo can only be displayed on products which have confirmed interoperability.

Canon Inc.
Konica Minolta, Inc.
Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd.
(listed in alphabetical order)

Color internet facsimiles with the logo have confirmed interoperability of transmission for standard sized paper (A4) at a resolution of 200 x 200dpi.
Interoperability tests are implemented and managed by the HATS Conference (the Promotion Conference of Harmonization of Advanced Telecommunication Systems).

Implementation code: HATS-F-004, HATS-F-106

5. Future Outlook

With the release of compliant facsimiles from participating companies, the transmission of color images will become more convenient and exchanged at a lower cost. The Image Data Communications & Facsimile Committee strives to further enhance features and security of facsimiles through its activities.

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